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Ryan Aviation & Logistics
Ryan Aviation & Logistics

Major Asian Asset Management project

Ryan Aviation Consulting delivered a Logistics Feasibility study for a global asset owner creating a vision and strategy for logistic activities which support an international airport, combined with sea ports supporting manufacturing within the region as a strategic political initiative. The concept also had a key objective to optimise the value of the group assets.

Ryan Aviation Consulting identified that there is a unique opportunity to leverage on and harness the group owned and controlled assets (sea, air, road and rail), combining the geographic locations and the manufacturing bases in order to manage the flow of air freight and thereby maximise value from these tangible resources.

Providing capacity at airports and sea ports does not alone determine or control the flow of cargo traffic or capture all potential available value. The business strategy recommended included full vertical integration of group resources. By creating a fully integrated Logistic Organisation, on the basis of leveraging off the groups existing assets, a unique competitive advantage was created in the region.

The proposed business model has multiple advantages, from pure stand-alone profitability to optimisation of group assets with long term sustained value. The recomendations were delivered in 2011 and the project is currently being implemented.
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